SMackdown Winners 2009 – 2011

Below you will find a reference list of the past SMackdown Winners — what a great list of #Indiana’s Social Media Movers and Shakers, don’t you think? You may want to check this list before submitting your nominations because the Rules clearly state:

=> No one may WIN a specific category more than once – HOWEVER — you may be eligible for a different category in subsequent years. e.g. If someone wins the NICEST award one year they are eligible to win MOST INFLUENTIAL the next.

Chuck Gose wearing a paper tiara and holding his large and impressive trophy. Totally Groovy picture taken by Bob Burchfield.

For example – Chuck Gose won the Most INfluential Dude for the INaugural event in Aught Nine. Chuck may be nominated for Dude in subsequent years as a commendation of his social media influence, however his name will not be among the #IN_SM12 Dude nominees listed on the final ballot. If you are keen to see Chuck’s name on the ballot so that he may win another large and impressive trophy (as shown) you must nominate him for a different category.

Here’s another  prime example – Kevin Mullett won Most Influential Dude in 2011 and has been nominated for Dude PLUS Most Ethical Social Media person for 2012. His name will not appear on the final ballot as a Dude nominee, but his name will appear among the Most Ethical nominees. This rule was established to spread #Indiana’s Social Media love around.

2011 Winners —

Most Influential Dame – Leslie Bailey
Most Influential Dude – Kevin Mullett
Most Influential Up and Comer – Muhammad Yasin
Nicest Social Media Peep — Heather Schoegler
Most Ethical — @BeTheLink – Andrew Hoffman
Grooviest — @EvansvilleWatch – Bill Merkel
Best In Show — Butler Blue II

2010 Winners —

Most Influential Dude — Dave Woodson
Most Influential Dame — Nicole Misencik
Most Influential Up and Comer — Paul Poteet
Nicest Social Media Peep — Richard Orelup
Most Ethical — Firebelly Marketing – Duncan Alney
Grooviest — West Coast Tacos

2009 Winners –

Most Influential Dame — Kathy Sipple
Most Influential Dude — Chuck Gose
Most Influential Up and Comer — Chad Richards

I hope this clears up any confusion. The winners were posted on the Facebook page but not everyone saw it before submitting a nomination. It’s my contention that the NOMINATION ITSELF is the highest compliment. It’s an indication that someone admires your work so much that they’re willing to publicly share a statement WHY you are deserving. It’s much easier to get people to click a button — that takes very little thought, time, or energy.

If you’re unclear about this guideline, I’m just a tweet away. — @AmyStark

Important Message from Mike Magan #IN_SM12 Chairman

Are you SERIOUS? We only have 2 days left to nominate someone for #IN_SM12? =>

#IN_SM12 Logo
Everyone wants a large and impressive trophy.

Serious as a heart attack, my friends. That’s right.

IN A WORLD where tweets, followers and likers matter to so many, ONE GROUP OF MISFIT REVOLUTIONARY HOOSIERS has risen above the fray for the 4th year in a row.

ABOVE the black hats and the SPAMMERs.

THEY’VE SHED their willful desires to create fake accounts and like posts only because they come from hot babes.


*takes draw from oxygen mask*

The nominating process closes on 12-12-12 at Midnight EST. the final ballot will be posted and remain open for voting until 12-23-2012 at Midnight EST.

THE ONE place we can come together to celebrate and razz each other about the year that was… REMAINS THE SAME: The 4th Annual #Indiana Social Media Summit and SMackdown Awards (#IN_SM12).

Founder @AmyStark welcomes Big Ben Risinger – founder of @DoItIndy among other affili-flirtations – as this year’s event Emcee and Agent Provocateur.

This year’s extravagalaspectaculagaza will be hosted once again by the fine folks at Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company in Broad Ripple [with remote locations connected via a Google+ Hangout] on December 28 starting at 11 a.m. [Don’t worry, it’s a Friday we checked].


Sincerely — Your Congenial #IN_SM12 Chairman Mike Magan, Social Media helper-outter Indiana companies rely on.

IT IS SO ON! 4th Annual #Indiana Social Media Summit [and] SMackdown Awards set for December 28, 2012!

A lot has happened across the rolling keyboards and pulsing wi-fi waves of Indiana’s Social Media landscape in 2012. But THE ONE place we can come together to celebrate and razz each other about the year that was REMAINS THE SAME: The 4th Annual #Indiana Social Media Summit [and] SMackdown Awards (#IN_SM12).

This year’s extravagalaspectaculagaza will be hosted once again by the fine folks at Thr3e Wise Men Brewery December 28 at 11 a.m. in the back-half of the restaurant! [Don’t worry, it’s a Friday we checked].

Founder @AmyStark welcomes Big Ben Risinger – founder of @DoItIndy among other affili-flirtations – as this year’s event Emcee and Agent Provocateur. Your Congenial Chairman – a.k.a event gopher – is Mike Magan, a social media helper-outter Indiana companies rely on.

Nominations are officially open RIGHT NOW and will stay open forever until Midnight on 12/12/12! (thanks Formstack) They cover categories unique to Indiana and this event!

Nomination Categories include:

  • Most Influential Dame
  • Most Influential Dude
  • Most Influential Up & Comer
  • Nicest Social Media Person
  • Grooviest Social Media Campaign or Presence
  • Most Ethical Social Media Person or Company
  • Social Media Best in Show ( That’s right: Non-Human Entry!)

Check back here for more info or contact #IN_SM12 chairman @MikeMagan at!


2011– I Want a Ticket to the INDY Event

BY RESERVING A TICKET you agree to the following:

IF YOU RESERVE A SEAT – and learn you will be unable to attend  — you PROMISE to send a worthy substitute in your place. This is common courtesy.  Scotty is closing the Brewing Company’s doors to the public that day during lunch and scheduling wait staff to accommodate the SMackdown. It’s disrespectful to grab a ticket and not show up.

IF YOU RESERVE A SEAT, are unable to attend the Smackdown, and you fail to send a worthy replacement — you PROMISE to donate $25.00 to Scotty’s favorite charity (TBD) and soon thereafter go to the Brewing Company — enjoy a nice lunch or dinner and leave an extra generous tip.

OK – I agree to these conditions, now take me to Eventbrite to reserve my seat.

2011 Nominees — FINAL BALLOT

>>> VOTE HERE<<<

___________ Ballot below posted on December 14, 2011___________

A few corrections were sent to me via twitter and I’ve updated the FINAL Ballot.

You must review it carefully. I copied and pasted from the Nominator’s information on Formstack and did NOT verify twitter handles.

Thanks to Bob Burchfield who caught a couple of mistakes including @EvansvilleWatch appearing in two categories.

2011 Final Draft – Nominees for Indiana Social Media Summit and SMackdown Awards

Please review carefully for spelling and accuracy.

This is how names and twitter handles will appear on the final ballot which will go live December 14, 2011. Once the ballot is live no changes can be made.

If you see a mistake please contact @AmyStark immediately.

SMackdown Nominees #IN_SM11 – First Draft

Click on the table for a clearer / bigger image. If your name is highlighted in yellow that indicates you were nominated for more than one category.  As per the rules please select ONLY one category the final ballot. You must send a tweet to Amy Stark with your decision immediately (e.g. “Hey @AmyStark I was nominated for Up and Comer AND Nicest. Please put my name in NICEST category for final ballot #IN_SM11″)  You may also leave a comment below with your decision. If a notification is not sent it will be decided with a coin toss.

To all Nominators and Nominees –

PLEASE REVIEW THE DOCUMENT CAREFULLY FOR ACCURACY (send corrections immediately to Amy Stark)

The order of nominees will be randomized on the final ballot.

All revisions must be received by MIDNIGHT December 13, 2011.  The final ballot will go live early on December 14th and will be open for voting through December 23rd at Midnight EST.

If you prefer your name NOT appear on the final ballot please connect with Amy and let her know immediately. Once your name appears on the final ballot it will NOT be removed unless you have ZERO votes at the time Amy receives the request.


Calling all Indiana Cities… We need your distinct voice to give a shout out to the World.

Q: What can Hundreds of #Indiana Social Media Geeks accomplish — online — for free — that will have a positive effect on the world?

A: The 3rd Annual Social Media Summit and SMackdown Awards #IN_SM11

If you are an #Indiana Social Media Geek, Run — don’t walk — and watch this video

The inventor of Captcha will soon be tapping into the Internet’s collective genius to TRANSLATE languages between cultures. For Free!


Mission Statement:

The #Indiana Social Media Summit and SMackdown awards provide a chance for #Indiana’s Most INfluential Social Media Elite — from the Banks of the Ohio to the Shores of Lake Michigan — to collaborate on a project that will:
— foster healthy competition
— generate a list of SM best practices
— create feelings of goodwill and unity

— showcase #Indiana’s grooviness to the world

— encourage all involved to laugh at themselves

Transparency – Emails sent to early adopters / adapters

In the spirit of Transparency, the following email was sent to key figures who have supported Indiana’s Inaugural SMackdown, The 2nd Annual SMackdown, and people who expressed an interest in the 3rd Annual Smackdown. An incomplete list of the email blast recipients  can be found at the end of the post.


…Below you’ll find some key points regarding this year’s month long event.

1– The nomination form for 2011 is active and – thanks to my new friend Kyle from Formstack – it is sleeker than the one I published earlier in November-  The nominations retrieved on the old form have been captured and will be included on the final ballot. [You can also go to the ballot directly on formstack where you can find QR Code CJTheisen =) ]

2– Scotty has graciously agreed to let us have the entire Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company in Broad Ripple on FRIDAY- DECEMBER 30, 2011 to host the SMackdown Awards Luncheon – it will be closed to the general public on that day. As the Brewing Company seats only 150 — tickets will be made available to YOU first before opening it up to other Indiana social media peeps. Tickets are free – only one per person.

3–Leilan McNally (aka Bg. Kahuna ) Nothin’ But a Party has agreed to MC again this year – Nothin’ but a party =)

3– The nomination / voting process will end early this year so that I can send trophies to satellite locations if need be. Evansville, South Bend, and Fort Wayne have already expressed that lunches will take place  (Please connect with Mike Gingerich at Digital Hill to ask him about setting up a tabsite for your city on the Facebook Page:  I will also be able to add location information to the main website http://piip.IN = Project Indiana via Internet Protocol )

4– Because I’ll be sending trophies to the different cities, I will need at least two or three points of contact in each location — For example: if Cheryl Watterson wins Nicest Peep I will be able to send the trophy to Keith Shrock to present it to her. If you plan to host or sponsor a satellite location you will be able to be nominated and appear on the final ballot this year – as long as there is another person to whom I can send the trophy if you win.


=> Thanks to a recommendation from Chuck Gose last year a new category has been added => Best in Show <= for an outstanding NON-HUMAN Social Media Presence.

=> No one may win a specific category more than once – HOWEVER – you may be eligible for a different category in subsequent years. e.g. If someone wins the NICEST award one year they are eligible to win MOST INFLUENTIAL the next, etc.

=>You may volunteer your time and effort to the Summit AND be nominated for a category. e.g. Leilan McNally is the MC again this year and he is eligible for nomination (as well he should be =)

There are other details to be ironed out, and I will accept any and all advice as Facebook wall posts or comments on the piip.IN website. I highly encourage you to throw in your two cents and volunteer your talents. As many of you know – actively participating in the planning of the SMackdown garners you and or your company plenty of exposure and buzz. Last year tabsite received TONS of unique visitors and we had a Global audience via U-Stream (thanks to Kevin Mullett from cirrus abs and Rocky Walls 12 Star Media) This year will be even biggger!
Amy Stark
Social Media Community Manager
Kuno Creative

Email sent to Nicole Misencik, Lorraine Ball, Duncan Alney, Chad Richards, Chuck Gose, Kathy Sipple, Dave Woodson, Richard Orelup,  Robby Slaughter, Chris Theisen, Debbie Valliant, Rick Wilkerson from @keywerx, Pamela Kroll Anderson – @IndianaRocks ,  Rocky Walls from 12 Stars Media , @ScLoHo , @danamnelson, @seanmwray @cindycohen, @MPOsborn, – Those folk who supported #Indiana’s INaugural Event in Aught Nine, The 2nd Annual SMackdown Awards Luncheon #IN_SM10 –  and a few others who expressed interest in participating in the 3rd Annual New Year’s Luncheon.