South America

South America is a continent located in the Western Hemisphere, mostly in Southern Hemisphere, with a relative portion in Northen Hemisphere. It includes 12 Soverign states and a non-soverign state.

The programmes offered by South America Universities is which is equivalent to MBBS program of Asian Countries. Admission, granted in South America is always based on merit. Few Universities offer scholarship for Indian students after 12th to pursue MBBS in USA.


Currency:                         Peso/Dollar

Language:                        English/Portugese

GDP Per Capital:           23,969 $

Literacy:                           90.0%



  1. MCI (Medical Council of India) permits to get registered without MCI screening test for those who cleared MBBS in America for Indian students.
  2. Higher standards of medical training using an innovative program that utilizes the knowledge from, highly qualified teaching professionals and resources available across the globe.
  3. Inspire within every graduate of the University and desire to provide the highest quality of medical education to the students.
  4. Growing network of top US attending Physicians.


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