About us

Immigration is in itself a big term that demands for lengthy and complication norms. No other consultant understands overseas career like we do whereas Piip Consultants is a pioneer in the field of immigration. We offers an extensive range of services to assist in the preparation and lodging of your Visa application, as well as ongoing assistance and support where required throughout processing. This is where our comprehensive skills, experience and capabilities will be of the greatest benefit to you. Our passion for what we do is proven by our success.

What we are?

Our organization has initiated their immigration and visa consultation service in a year 2012. We are a team of self-motivated, highly dedicated professionals with an assured commitment to and a single-minded focus on empowering our students that enable them to achieve their goals.

As a leading study abroad consultant, we are the one stop solution provider for all students and professionals who desire to pursue their higher studies and enhance their career abroad. With our assistance, our clients/students are bound to achieve great heights and succeed in fulfilling their dreams.

What we do?

At PIIP Consultants, we offer our client high quality immigration services that fulfill their charming dreams so they can grab opportunities as they move along. PIIP is run by Canadian and American Graduate and also officially authorized by the Government of India to provide Immigration for the benefits of student’s. At PIIP, student’s can gain valuable information on living life and their survival as intimation finding balance better study and part time work. Also they will be provided tips for their living and survival by our well qualified and trained counselors, who are in service of our client seeking for better career prospective.

Our services are designed and categorized on the basis of immigration needs of an individual. Ranging from starting a new life in a country to just visiting abroad for a short duration; our service categories cater to all broad aspects of moving overseas.


 To persistently provide valuable and satisfactory immigration services to our candidate.
 To offer clients utmost respect as we attend their needs ethically and persistently.
 To respond all generated queries, request and essentials in a professional conduct.
 To provide professional advice to all the candidates that will be constructive and productive.
 To improve and process our services recurrently so as to seek higher level of excellence.
 We act as a bridge between the students and the Universities that helps them to achieve their goals.


 To fulfill client’s dreams and expectations to begin their new and exciting career in a new world.
 To nurture the success of our students by providing them best institutions along with excellent facilities in abroad.
 To take pride in our commitment to quality, immigration success and customer satisfaction.
 To make immigration as smooth as possible.
 To maintain transparency in dealings.
 To provide step-by-step easy guiding through the process.
 To provide quick and smart response to any visa or documentation problems.


 To be the most preferred and trusted immigration services company ever known.
 To ensure that our clients have the highest potential of meeting their goals by providing customized necessary information and guidance they need on immigration.
 To help spread innovation and optimism in helping society and the world is moving forward.
 To help increase our members capabilities and knowledge by providing them with training and development Opportunities.
 To utilize the association’s strengths in order to identify and solve common issues and to achieve common objectives.
 To ensure that our members have adequate access to information and best practices through continuous training and development opportunities.


Our mission is to provide realistic immigration possibilities and superior quality of service to our clients worldwide, in addition to being an excellent memory of your immigration experience to Canada to your second, third, and future generation.


Our vision is to be the most trusted, convenient immigration service provider and advisor of immigration policies to every person seeking to live in a country where – regardless of their skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity – enjoys all of the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.