2011– I Want a Ticket to the INDY Event

BY RESERVING A TICKET you agree to the following:

IF YOU RESERVE A SEAT – and learn you will be unable to attend  — you PROMISE to send a worthy substitute in your place. This is common courtesy.  Scotty is closing the Brewing Company’s doors to the public that day during lunch and scheduling wait staff to accommodate the SMackdown. It’s disrespectful to grab a ticket and not show up.

IF YOU RESERVE A SEAT, are unable to attend the Smackdown, and you fail to send a worthy replacement — you PROMISE to donate $25.00 to Scotty’s favorite charity (TBD) and soon thereafter go to the Brewing Company — enjoy a nice lunch or dinner and leave an extra generous tip.

OK – I agree to these conditions, now take me to Eventbrite to reserve my seat.

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