The #Indiana Social Media Summit and SMackdown awards provide an opporturnity for #Indiana’s Most INfluential Social Media Elite — from the Banks of the Ohio to the Shores of Lake Michigan — to collaborate on a project that will:

—  foster healthy competition
—  generate a list of SM best practices
—  create feelings of goodwill and unity
—  showcase #Indiana’s grooviness to the world
—  encourage all involved to laugh at themselves



The #Indiana Social Media Summit is the brainchild of social media ethnographer and strategist Amy Stark, M.A..  Ms. Stark launched the INaugural SMackdown event after publishing The Tweeter’s Almanac First Edition: The Great #Indiana Initiative of Aught Nine in order to:
  • Generate a list of social media best practices
  • Create feelings of goodwill and unity among social media professionals in Indiana
  • Showcase Indiana’s “grooviness” to the world
  • Encourage all involved to NOT take themselves too seriously