#IN_SM12 Nomination Form – Thanks Formstack

Special shout out to #Indiana’s own Formstack who graciously donated the use of their totally groovy interface.

PLEASE READ the rules carefully before submitting your Nomination.

There will be no belly-aching allowed if your nominee does NOT appear on the final ballot due to lack of adhering to the rules set forth below.

=> NO monkey business.

=> Nomination process ends on 12-12-12 at Midnight (11:59PM to be precise).

=> The final ballot will be available soon thereafter and will remain open for voting until 12-24-2012 at Midnight EST. => http://www.formstack.com/forms/?1349505-VxEkVN6Z2v <=

=> YOU MAY NOT NOMINATE YOURSELF! If you are keen to appear on the final ballot simply ask someone to nominate you. At least ONE other person must think you are nomination worthy.

=> Only one nominee per category per person. e.g. you may not nominate 3 different NICEST PEEPS.

=> All nominations must be accompanied by a “RATIONALE” statement explaining why the nominee is worthy of the title. Nominations without such a statement may not appear on the final ballot.

=> ALL nominees appearing on the final ballot must have lived and worked in #Indiana for at least 11 months during the 2012 calendar year.

=> ALL nominees appearing on the final ballot must operate in accordance with Standard Social Media Ethics (SSME): Transparency, Honesty, Accountability, Reciprocity, Gratuity (THARG)

=> Only one category per nominee will be allowed on the final ballot. If a company or person is nominated for more than one category, they will be given the opportunity to decide in which category their name will appear on the final ballot.

=> All reasonable nominees adhering to these guidelines will be included in the final ballot.

=> All nominations are considered public domain and likely to be re-posted on various Social Media platforms. Nominators must be willing to publicly stand by their nominee. Once the final ballot is posted all voting will be confidential.

=> No one may WIN a specific category more than once – HOWEVER — you may be eligible for a different category in subsequent years. e.g. If someone wins the NICEST award one year they are eligible to win MOST INFLUENTIAL the next. Here’s a list of the past SMackdown Winners.

=>You may volunteer your time and effort to the mission AND appear on the final ballot if you agree NOT to use your position to solicit votes. If you have any questions regarding this matter, or any other guidelines, please ask @AmyStark who is The Big Decider for all names appearing on the final ballot.

*Ben Risinger as the Emcee, Mike Magan as the Chairman, and Amy Stark as The Big Decider are ineligible to appear on the final ballot as their connection with the Awards give them an undue advantage.