SMackdown Winners 2009 – 2011

Below you will find a reference list of the past SMackdown Winners — what a great list of #Indiana’s Social Media Movers and Shakers, don’t you think? You may want to check this list before submitting your nominations because the Rules clearly state:

=> No one may WIN a specific category more than once – HOWEVER — you may be eligible for a different category in subsequent years. e.g. If someone wins the NICEST award one year they are eligible to win MOST INFLUENTIAL the next.

Chuck Gose wearing a paper tiara and holding his large and impressive trophy. Totally Groovy picture taken by Bob Burchfield.

For example – Chuck Gose won the Most INfluential Dude for the INaugural event in Aught Nine. Chuck may be nominated for Dude in subsequent years as a commendation of his social media influence, however his name will not be among the #IN_SM12 Dude nominees listed on the final ballot. If you are keen to see Chuck’s name on the ballot so that he may win another large and impressive trophy (as shown) you must nominate him for a different category.

Here’s another  prime example – Kevin Mullett won Most Influential Dude in 2011 and has been nominated for Dude PLUS Most Ethical Social Media person for 2012. His name will not appear on the final ballot as a Dude nominee, but his name will appear among the Most Ethical nominees. This rule was established to spread #Indiana’s Social Media love around.

2011 Winners —

Most Influential Dame – Leslie Bailey
Most Influential Dude – Kevin Mullett
Most Influential Up and Comer – Muhammad Yasin
Nicest Social Media Peep — Heather Schoegler
Most Ethical — @BeTheLink – Andrew Hoffman
Grooviest — @EvansvilleWatch – Bill Merkel
Best In Show — Butler Blue II

2010 Winners —

Most Influential Dude — Dave Woodson
Most Influential Dame — Nicole Misencik
Most Influential Up and Comer — Paul Poteet
Nicest Social Media Peep — Richard Orelup
Most Ethical — Firebelly Marketing – Duncan Alney
Grooviest — West Coast Tacos

2009 Winners –

Most Influential Dame — Kathy Sipple
Most Influential Dude — Chuck Gose
Most Influential Up and Comer — Chad Richards

I hope this clears up any confusion. The winners were posted on the Facebook page but not everyone saw it before submitting a nomination. It’s my contention that the NOMINATION ITSELF is the highest compliment. It’s an indication that someone admires your work so much that they’re willing to publicly share a statement WHY you are deserving. It’s much easier to get people to click a button — that takes very little thought, time, or energy.

If you’re unclear about this guideline, I’m just a tweet away. — @AmyStark